Contractors Equipment Theft Prevention – Easy to Implement Solutions

Theft of equipment continues to be the most frequent claim for equipment owners. While insurance covers some of the lost equipment dollars, the lost productivity is the hidden cost of these crimes there are some easy to implement solutions to protect your equipment.

Please check this page periodically, as we continually update it with new information, resources and seasonal topics. “An ounce of prevention,” can have a big impact on reducing the cost and downtime associated with a loss. BFM is here to help.

Contractors Equipment

Use an Equipment Lock – The Equipment Lock Company manufactures a line of products that can be described as “the Club for Equipment” These products secure the controls, lock moving parts and make the equipment thief work harder to get your property. The costs of these items are far lower than the replacement cost or deductible for your property. The Equipment Lock Company

Change the ignition switch - You can order a set of heavy equipment keys on EBay for less than $50. Investing is a unique ignition key for your equipment makes this easy to use theft tool obsolete. It also prevents others from “borrowing” your equipment when you are not on the job site.

Add GPS to Your Equipment – – BFM clients can get a discount on GPS theft recovery devices from Iron Watch, a service of National Equipment Register. There is no monthly fee for these GPS tracking devices. BFM will agree to pay for the locating pings in the event of a theft. For less than $300, you can protect your most vulnerable items. Iron Watch comes with NER registrations to identify your equipment and theft deterrent decals to alert thieve that you have protected your equipment. NER Services - IRONwatch | National Equipment Register

Control Energy - A hidden valve that shuts off the fuel keeps the equipment from moving. Another easy to use and implement system is a battery cut off that is removable. Removing a fuse for the starter circuit is equally effective.

Use a portable alarm system - – There are wireless security systems that can be placed in the job trailer and monitor equipment and supplies within 2000 feet. You can monitor for change in position, vibration, or a broken tie down. Alarms are transmitted to a central station for notifying police and management. This is an easily transported solution for any job site. Portable DIY Wireless Alarm Systems

You cannot prevent every theft. You can make your equipment more difficult to steal. As the value of your equipment increases and your need for productivity increase, you can implement these theft prevention strategies.

Discuss these with your insurance agent and see how BFM can help you customize your coverage to take advantage of your theft prevention efforts.